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Does Cannabis Have an Interaction With The COVID Vaccine?

After being isolated for over a year, we are seeing several COVID-19 vaccines come out on the market. With these vaccines, it slowly brings back a sense of normality and a reason to celebrate!

Those who are post-vaccinated are wondering is it okay to celebrate with a drink and what about commemorating the vaccine milestone with cannabis?

Before the three vaccine brands hit the general public they went through scientific trials. But what they excluded in their studies was how cannabinoid use may intervene. But multiple experts say that there is no evidence the vaccine interacts badly with either alcohol or marijuana.

Uwe Blesching a skilled medical writer, author, and speaker stated he has not seen any reports associated with the idea that cannabis use would weaken the vaccine. For those who are newly vaccinated the CDC has released guidelines that recommend discussing with your primary physician about using over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. The reason behind this is because many over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), can interfere with the production of antibody defense. While similar to NSAIDs, cannabis does have anti-inflammatory properties. This is why cannabis is effectively used for medicinal purposes. But cannabis does not interfere with antibody defense the same way over-the-counter drugs do.

There are still so many unknowns in terms of the COVID vaccine and the virus itself. At this time there are no reports of adverse effects from the millions of avid cannabis connoisseurs who are vaccinated.

We hope this gives our leaf-loving friends some peace of mind.

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